EDUM Token

EDUM token will be the center of the Education 3.0 ecosystem and funded on the platform for educational organizations, companies, lecturers, high-profile executives, and other experts whose content will be beneficial to our purposes and users. EDUM tokens will be used to have access to lessons, enter knowledge contests and invest in early-stage start-ups related to the education industry. In the medium term, there will be additional privileges for EDUM token holders, such as HR services, advisory, and free tickets for networking and educational events. The EDUM token, which is the key to the Education 3.0 economy, has many different use cases and at the same time rewards both its students, content creators, and investors with its deflationary and demand-oriented structure.
EDUM’s offers for students
• Accessing lessons for discount
• Accessing lessons for free from EduMedu Publishing
• Ownership of the ecosystem
• Passive income opportunity with staking
• Earning token after passing quizzes (Study and Earn)
• Entering knowledge contest with big prizes
• Learn while playing games
• HR Consultancy
EDUM's offers for investors
• Passive income opportunity with staking
• Early stage edtech investment opportunity
• Early stage GameFi investment opportunity
• Long-term value appreciation
• NFT Marketplace revenues will be distributed to EDUM stakers
EDUM’s offers for content creators
• Ownership of the ecosystem
• Passive income opportunity with staking
• Quarterly dividend opportunity
• Future collaborations including financial and infrastructural support