Edumedu Launchpad

EduMedu Launchpad

It’s a new generation launchpad focusing on education, entertainment, and innovation. We aim to integrate the entire education market into Web3 and bring businesses to Web3 that contain educational purposes.
The Launchpad uses a fixed tier system based on the number of tokens held. There will be 3 tiers and investors will need to hold a certain amount of EDUM tokens to be included in either of them.
The main goal of the Launchpad is to set up (launch) blockchain-based edtech startups and innovative Web3 businesses to enable investors and holders to participate in early-stage projects. Also, educational organizations and companies will be able to use blockchain-based infrastructure (C-learning) to get funding and extend their institutional standards.
More information will be announced in the future with EduMedu Launchpad. EduMedu Launchpad, as an experimental product, is designed to help people start as entrepreneurs after receiving education on the EduMedu platform, unlike other launchpad platforms.