Who said that learning is boring? Or that education should be so expensive, that it can bankrupt students? Or that it’s impossible to earn while studying? These are outdated concepts. They’re not valid for the Web 3.0 world. But what is the notion of education 3.0?
EduMedu is a concept that combines education and blockchain technology to create a platform where content creators, learners, and EDUM token holders can all benefit. The "Learn+Earn" concept is designed to provide cumulative profits for all parties involved. It allows content creators to monetize their knowledge and skills, learners to earn rewards for their educational progress, and EDUM token holders to gain from the platform's growth and success. EduMedu is a new and innovative way to make learning more engaging and rewarding for everyone.
The EduMedu team thought about it a lot and came up with the “Blockchain of Education'' idea. Web 3.0 is powered by the creator economy - everyone can create and earn money for their content (that’s a very simplified definition). Web 3.0 also relies on gamification practices, and the Play-to-Earn model (or, GameFi) is at its core.
New blockchain-based education concept of EduMedu.
The main objective is to position the education platform EduMedu as the main reference network between educators and students that are initiated in the universe of decentralization and monetization in cryptocurrencies.
EduMedu is the fusion of those concepts, offering users the to study, learn and earn via a new generation Web3-Based education platform.